Daily Devotions

Count Your Many Blessings – 11.27.2022

One day ten lepers came to Christ for their healing. Shut out from society, from their family, from the place of worship, these men lived a lonely life. They had to wear a cloth over their mouth, and should someone venture near where they were, they must cry, “Unclean, Unclean”. Depending on how long they … Continue reading Count Your Many Blessings – 11.27.2022

“Our Lord Cometh” Everyday – 11.26.2022

MARANATHA! This was the watchword and greeting of the early Church. It was full of expectancy for it meant “our Lord cometh.” Not understanding all that the prophets said, they were looking for Jesus to return at any moment. Now, since we do understand the promises, we know there is nothing more that must be … Continue reading “Our Lord Cometh” Everyday – 11.26.2022

Only To Be Turned Away – 11.25.2022

Sometime in the late 1800's a yacht docked at the wharf of Inverness, Scotland. Two young men got off and decided to stroll through the countryside. Being in unfamiliar territory, they became lost. After many hours trying to find their way, they stopped at a farmer’s cottage asking for food. He turned them away very … Continue reading Only To Be Turned Away – 11.25.2022

Your Word Is Settled In Heaven – 11.23.2022

Forever, O’ Lord, your word is settled in heaven. It shall never be changed or altered. That means it predates my birth, so I have no right to seek you to change it just for me. I can disagree with it or challenge it, but only to my own hurt. Not having found any other … Continue reading Your Word Is Settled In Heaven – 11.23.2022

Busy Doing Religious Things – 11.22.2022

We need to be careful as Christians, individually, and as the Church, corporately, lest we get so busy doing religious things that we fail to do that which reveals the heart of God. Jesus told us about the man robbed, wounded, and left for dead on the road to Jericho. The Priest, the Levite, and … Continue reading Busy Doing Religious Things – 11.22.2022

Complete Harmony – 11.20.2022

I have an electronic tuner for tuning my guitar. If I set it on ‘B’ and tighten the ‘B’ string on the guitar, a light will shine brightly when they are in complete harmony. Holiness is like this, for holiness in us is nothing less than our will being totally in harmony with God’s will. … Continue reading Complete Harmony – 11.20.2022

Pray For The Latter Rain – 11.19.2022

Jeremiah spoke of the early and latter rain. This was a common proverb on the lips of the farmers in Israel. The former rain came shortly after planting, assuring proper germination of the seed. The latter rain came not too long before harvest, assuring a bountiful crop. Jeremiah saw more than a physical harvest; he … Continue reading Pray For The Latter Rain – 11.19.2022