Pray For The Latter Rain – 11.19.2022

Jeremiah spoke of the early and latter rain. This was a common proverb on the lips of the farmers in Israel. The former rain came shortly after planting, assuring proper germination of the seed. The latter rain came not too long before harvest, assuring a bountiful crop. Jeremiah saw more than a physical harvest; he … Continue reading Pray For The Latter Rain – 11.19.2022

Quick! Grab A Pen! – 10.15.2022

If your world is in turmoil… If your family is in disarray... If your finance is on the bottom... If sickness is taking a toll on your body... If you have failed God, with some sin overtaking you, putting you in deep distress... If your heart is feeling the bitter remorse of failure... If you … Continue reading Quick! Grab A Pen! – 10.15.2022

Because They Hate Him – 10.11.2022

True Christianity still believes the claims Jesus made about Himself, thus, we are under attack today, as was Christ. It is not really about us; it is hatred for Christ. Because they hate Him, they will hate you. Satan knows Christ; knew Him in the beginning and knows what He came to do. Therefore, he … Continue reading Because They Hate Him – 10.11.2022

God Made Man To Rule -09-10-2022

WHAT IS MAN? This question was asked by the Psalmist long ago, "What is man that thou art mindful of him?" Ever since Eden, Satan has been imposing this question upon us. Some have been so disheartened by it that they have taken their life. The Idolater thinks he is lower than birds or beasts … Continue reading God Made Man To Rule -09-10-2022

He Will See You Through – 09.08.2022

“Do not fret because of evildoers, Nor be envious of the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, And wither as the green herb . . .” (Psalm 37:1,2). The standard formula for political success in David’s time was self-promotion, scheming, and assassination, just as it is today. David … Continue reading He Will See You Through – 09.08.2022

A Dark Tunnel – 09.05.2022

Just because a person wears a smile and worships the Lord with intensity, doesn’t mean their life is without conflict. There may be a horrible storm through which they are passing. There is no need to mention the various battles we may fight; you know them. I am just saying, take seriously the prayer requests … Continue reading A Dark Tunnel – 09.05.2022

Christ Always Inspects His Church – 09.03.2022

In the Revelation of Christ chapters two and three, you will find Christ’s message to the seven churches of Asia. Some of the prophecy teachers taught that each of these churches represents a period, a period of time. They gave a list of the years in which each church was represented. I still have an … Continue reading Christ Always Inspects His Church – 09.03.2022