Quit Acting Like A Nobody – 11.06.2022

Some Christians are feeling cast down, feeling cast off, because they feel they have displeased God, perhaps failed Him. Is God going to cast off Israel? He is not. He gave them an eternal promise and will fully redeem them in the last day. He has claimed them as His eternal treasure. Paul said of … Continue reading Quit Acting Like A Nobody – 11.06.2022

Chaos Will Introduce A New World Leader – 02.17.2022

It is in the midst of the chaos caused by the rapture of the Church, that many will begin to look for someone who can step forth with a plan to settle all the disputes and present answers to their great dilemma. It has always been the case, a tyrant or despot attacks the status … Continue reading Chaos Will Introduce A New World Leader – 02.17.2022

Rapture Ready! – 02.15.2022

As we have seen, at the rapture every believer is caught up to be with Jesus and are gathered to that holy banquet called The Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Meanwhile, on earth things are getting worse. The Church has been taken out by the Holy Spirit Himself, and His office of keeper, guide, teacher, … Continue reading Rapture Ready! – 02.15.2022

Make Your Reservations – 02.14.2022

Thinking about this meeting with the Lord somewhere in the air just boggles my mind. They will come from the north, south, east, and west; from watery graves, old graves, new graves. Their ashes will be gathered from cremation, grave-sites that no longer exist will come to life as the earth bursts open to free … Continue reading Make Your Reservations – 02.14.2022

The Meeting In The Air – 02.13.2022

When the rapture happens Christ is not coming down to the earth, but will stop somewhere in the mid heavens. We will be changed and in our glorified bodies will join Him there. We will follow Him to a great banquet hall which has been prepared for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The marriage … Continue reading The Meeting In The Air – 02.13.2022

The Rapture Of Christ’s Church – 02.12.2022

At the coming of the Lord to rapture His Church, many will be alive and shall not see death; they will simply be changed. One preacher said, “I hope I am alive at His coming.” Charles H. Spurgeon said he wants to die before the rapture. He said he didn’t want to miss anything. Well, … Continue reading The Rapture Of Christ’s Church – 02.12.2022

The Real Make Over – 02.11.2022

Body Work used to be a place where you took your damaged car, where an expert repaired the car, making it look new again. Body Work has now taken on a new meaning. It is a place where bodies are rejuvenated, sculptured, and toned to look new, well, much better than before. Then in the … Continue reading The Real Make Over – 02.11.2022

In An Hour You Think Not – 02.05.2022

In an hour that you think not, Jesus is coming back for those who are looking for Him. The anticipation for this event should create a strong emotional response, both physically and spiritually. In the early 1900's, sincere believers in middle Georgia were so caught up with this message, they moved their furniture out in … Continue reading In An Hour You Think Not – 02.05.2022