Satan Finally Defeated – 02.21.2022

At the end of the Thousand Year Reign, for some reason known only to God, Satan will be loosed from the bottomless pit to go forth in the earth, gathering an army to fight against God Almighty. If you haven’t read this, it may surprise you to know that he has no trouble mustering a … Continue reading Satan Finally Defeated – 02.21.2022

Chaos Will Introduce A New World Leader – 02.17.2022

It is in the midst of the chaos caused by the rapture of the Church, that many will begin to look for someone who can step forth with a plan to settle all the disputes and present answers to their great dilemma. It has always been the case, a tyrant or despot attacks the status … Continue reading Chaos Will Introduce A New World Leader – 02.17.2022

The Meeting In The Air – 02.13.2022

When the rapture happens Christ is not coming down to the earth, but will stop somewhere in the mid heavens. We will be changed and in our glorified bodies will join Him there. We will follow Him to a great banquet hall which has been prepared for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The marriage … Continue reading The Meeting In The Air – 02.13.2022

“Come Up Hither” – 10-16-2021

John said that he heard a voice like a trumpet speaking to him that said, “Come up hither.” (Revelation 4:1). We recognize this verse as the prophecy of the rapture of the Church. But Paul said to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. While the rapture of the Church … Continue reading “Come Up Hither” – 10-16-2021