Pray For The Latter Rain – 11.19.2022

Jeremiah spoke of the early and latter rain. This was a common proverb on the lips of the farmers in Israel. The former rain came shortly after planting, assuring proper germination of the seed. The latter rain came not too long before harvest, assuring a bountiful crop. Jeremiah saw more than a physical harvest; he … Continue reading Pray For The Latter Rain – 11.19.2022

Quit Acting Like A Nobody – 11.06.2022

Some Christians are feeling cast down, feeling cast off, because they feel they have displeased God, perhaps failed Him. Is God going to cast off Israel? He is not. He gave them an eternal promise and will fully redeem them in the last day. He has claimed them as His eternal treasure. Paul said of … Continue reading Quit Acting Like A Nobody – 11.06.2022

The Prayer Of Solomon – 07.27.2022

The prayer of Solomon at the temple dedication is the longest prayer recorded in Scripture. No prayer was more anointed than this prayer. It covered all the needs of Israel as a nation and as persons. In I Kings 8:37, he speaks of the natural plagues that could come against Israel. They were very familiar … Continue reading The Prayer Of Solomon – 07.27.2022

Count Your Blessings Every Day – 06.29.2022

This life we have is not monotonous as some think, but is filled with more variables than we take time to notice. Again I say, we are more concerned with our little problems than about God’s grand universe, limiting the view which is there to see. This is especially true of our spiritual walk with … Continue reading Count Your Blessings Every Day – 06.29.2022

Today’s Decisions May Haunt Us For Years – 06.13.2022

Did you ever grant the wish of one of your children, knowing that it would not be good for them? Did you know that the omnipotent, omniscient God has done the same, partially so? Abraham, a chosen vessel for God, requested that God accept Ishmael to walk before Him. Of course, God would not accept … Continue reading Today’s Decisions May Haunt Us For Years – 06.13.2022

The Full Message Of The Prodigal Son – 05.28.2022

Sometimes when we read the Bible, we go through some of the stories and parables without taking time for the Holy Spirit to reveal the full message. For instance, the parable of The Prodigal Son is a beautiful message. It is more, though, than a young man leaving home, losing everything, regaining his sense, and … Continue reading The Full Message Of The Prodigal Son – 05.28.2022

Israel Will Embrace The Anti-Christ – 02.18.2022

Jesus said in John 5:43, “I am come in my Father’s name and ye receive me not; if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.” He was speaking to the religious leaders of the Jews who would later kill Him. Jesus was referring to the anti-Christ who will be revealed after … Continue reading Israel Will Embrace The Anti-Christ – 02.18.2022

Shepherds Throughout Scripture

Isn’t it amazing that when angels appeared in the sky, in and around Bethlehem, their visit was to shepherds keeping a night vigil, caring for and protecting their sheep? It might not be so strange, though, if we reflect on the history of God’s dealings with His people. The race of people God elected to … Continue reading Shepherds Throughout Scripture

The Shepherd And His Sheep – 10.28.2021

Before we can have a true appreciation of the 23rd Psalm, I think we must humbly admit to the fact that God is the first to refer to His people as sheep. If we are willing to admit this comparison, we will better understand the relationship between the Shepherd and the sheep. You see, the … Continue reading The Shepherd And His Sheep – 10.28.2021