Look Up And Rejoice! – 10.07.2022

When the ever-living, immortal Christ shook the last dust of this earth from His feet and headed for home, He did not forget about His little band of followers He was leaving behind. When He disappeared from sight, two heavenly messengers clothed in white stood by them and said, "Ye men of Galilee, why stand … Continue reading Look Up And Rejoice! – 10.07.2022

Who Is This King Of Glory? – 10.06.2022

For forty days following His resurrection, He stayed with His disciples, blessing and instructing them. Then it was time for Him to go home, to the Father's house. From Bethany, He led them forth to His chosen place for departure. There He blessed and gave His final instructions from the earth. While He was speaking, … Continue reading Who Is This King Of Glory? – 10.06.2022

Our Fierce, Determined Enemy – 08.30.2022

I think you would agree, we are under attack from Satan and his angels every day. It is worse some days than others, but they are always there, just waiting for an opportunity to hurt you. I recently heard Satan described as a toothless old lion who cannot hurt you, only roar. Don’t you believe … Continue reading Our Fierce, Determined Enemy – 08.30.2022

Christ Returns To Earth – 02.19.2022

When we come with Christ back down to the earth, we will find it in total disarray. The anti-Christ, who signed a treaty with Israel at first, has broken the treaty and desecrated their Temple. He is now bent on destroying them and their God. This “man of sin, that wicked one, the Assyrian, the … Continue reading Christ Returns To Earth – 02.19.2022

Shepherds Caring For Sacrificial Lambs – 12.24.2021

It is thought that the shepherds to whom the angels appeared were keepers of the Temple flock, kept for sacrifices and to make money off the people. It is known that those sheep were kept in the area of the angelic appearance. The message that an angel had already given to the others involved was … Continue reading Shepherds Caring For Sacrificial Lambs – 12.24.2021

Shepherds Throughout Scripture

Isn’t it amazing that when angels appeared in the sky, in and around Bethlehem, their visit was to shepherds keeping a night vigil, caring for and protecting their sheep? It might not be so strange, though, if we reflect on the history of God’s dealings with His people. The race of people God elected to … Continue reading Shepherds Throughout Scripture