A New Earth – 02.20.2022

We will live and reign with Christ a thousand years, the millennium, right here on earth. Natural people will be born, live, and die during this time. The life span will increase to match those like Noah who lived hundreds of years. With the power and effect of sin removed, it will be a grand place to live. The government will be a Theocracy, with Christ having absolute authority. The glorified saints of God will take charge of every city, ruling it as appointed by Christ. This will be the time when all instruments of war will be melted down to make farm equipment. The earth will be so productive, what with the curse being removed, that the reapers will be hard pressed to stay ahead of the ploughman. Don’t you worry about being bored, for you will have a position in Christ’s administration. He will rule from Jerusalem, the chosen city of God. What does it feel like to know you will inherit all things?

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