Chaos Will Introduce A New World Leader – 02.17.2022

It is in the midst of the chaos caused by the rapture of the Church, that many will begin to look for someone who can step forth with a plan to settle all the disputes and present answers to their great dilemma. It has always been the case, a tyrant or despot attacks the status quo with promises and a greater vision. Such was the case in Germany which introduced Hitler to the people. Germany was in disarray, the people were angry and marching in protest. Hitler began speaking to them, promising better days, telling them how great Germany could be. Crowds gathered in mass to hear him. They believed him and followed him blindly. This will be the formula of the anti-Christ when he comes on the scene in the confused and volatile world. What with the miraculous power given him by Satan, he will quickly get the attention of world leaders. He will become the dominating figure on all news outlets, making his name a household word. Thank God, the Christians will be watching from above with Jesus.

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