The Banquet Hall Dream – 02.16.2022

Some years ago I had a dream or vision, I don’t know which and don’t think it matters. I found myself standing in a very long corridor. I was standing in a long line of people. Either way I looked, the line was endless for the corridor was endless. Also, stacked in rows were white robes, neatly folded, and so soft and fluffy, but the weight of the robes did not mash them flat. I assumed I was middle ways of the line for across from me was a desk with an angel seated behind it. Standing in front of the desk was another angel. Past the two angels was a large door leading into a large room. It seemed that the angel at the desk was reading from a paper and would call out a name. At this the other angel would lift a robe from the stack and put it on the one who came forward. I watched as names were called, not in order, for they came from different areas of the line. When the robes were put on them, the angel led them to the large door and they went in. After watching this happen several times, my name was called. It wasn’t my earthly name, but somehow I knew it was mine. I stepped forth to meet the angel with my white robe. Then, to my disappointment I awoke. I didn’t get to see past that door, but I sensed a joyous atmosphere. I assume it was the banquet hall for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

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