The Meeting In The Air – 02.13.2022

When the rapture happens Christ is not coming down to the earth, but will stop somewhere in the mid heavens. We will be changed and in our glorified bodies will join Him there. We will follow Him to a great banquet hall which has been prepared for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The marriage of Christ and His Church will take place followed by the great, banquet feast. It will be at least seven years long, perhaps longer. Whatever is served, it will be your favorite. A lot of things will happen at this feast other than eating. We will become intimately acquainted with Jesus, perhaps renew old acquaintances. The saints will then be judged for their work and labor of love for Christ on earth. Rewards will be handed out with some getting more than others. No one will be disappointed or jealous, for the greatest reward which all will receive is an eternal lifetime with Jesus. “What a meeting in the air!”

The top half of “The Last Judgement” by French artist Jean Cousin. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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