“Come Up Hither” – 10-16-2021

John said that he heard a voice like a trumpet speaking to him that said, “Come up hither.” (Revelation 4:1). We recognize this verse as the prophecy of the rapture of the Church. But Paul said to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. While the rapture of the Church is at some future date, saints of God are leaving this earth every day, to go be with the Lord. He lifts from His flock those of varying ages; some old, some young, and some at the prime of life. We can’t explain God nor His dealings with man. If we trust His wisdom in all things, we can trust Him in death. All of us are going to hear that summons, “Come up hither,” we just don’t know when. You are not being called to the grave, but to the sky. I know that love may make us weep, but even those tears will be dried by the towel at the Lord’s waist. The Christian should be excited by His invitation. It will be the best move you will ever make. Do not fear, our David, the Captain of our salvation has already grappled with the Monarch called death. He met him in the valley of the shadow, removed his crown, slew him with his own sword, so death has no victory. The victory belongs to you!!!

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